I started of in 1979 with a commodore 64. 🙂

In 1990 I had my first go at DOS commands and dBase on a Commodore PC 30 III pc, with a 30Mb harddisk. It was promised to me that I would never get it full…

In 1992 I started working as a system administrator and in 1998 made the switch to only programming. At first in Visual Basic, later adding Html, Javascript, Php, Css, Lotus Notes.

In 2005 I moved to the Czech Republic; working a lot with PHP and javascript,  and from 2008 started working mainly in Visual Studio C#.

My wife has an insurance office (Blaas & Blaas s.r.o.) in town, for which I created a php contracts and documents database program under WordPress. 

Main programming work these days is in a partnership with my good friend since kindergarten Roelof Dashorst (and his firm Das-IT Services) in the Netherlands. We create all sorts of connections with the Norwegian Mamut ERP program, currently a Visma product. As clients are looking for an online alternative we started looking at the Odoo Open Source Business Software, both community and enterprise version 12.

Besides the insurance office and the programming, we have a 6000m2 garden we converted to a fairytale park (Houbový Park), open to visitors.

Situated in an old farmhoouse at the edge of the village, there is also a private Fossil Museum (Muzeum Fosilií Roseč) in one of the barns.

To preserve that combination for the future and hopefully help some other people we started a non-profit organisation (Svět Fantazie, z.ú.), with a growing number of employees.

To accomodate the ict requirements, we have an O2 ADSL internet connection.

Behind the router we have a virtual server; a brand new Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a 128Gb Kingston micro SD card. Some old TFT monitor connected, but never used. I use VNC to monitor it.

On the server is an ODoo 12 installation with two databases for two different organisations.

I’ll write more about the setup here.


Furthermore, the network is split in out private IP network and a public free wifi network.

The private network has a number of Lenovo laptops used by us and our employees, and two POS systems.

One of the systems is a Dotykačka KOMPLETNÍ system. Because the system is complete and complying with the Czech EET standard (for reporting payments direct to the ministry of finance…)



The second POS system is setup as a Odoo Posboxless POS system;  a brand new Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a 64Gb Kingston micro SD card and an Asus touchscreen monitor . I’ll write about that setup here.