Chaloupka na kuří nožce

Cottage on chicken legs.

One of the returning fairytale movies around christmas in the Czech republic is Mrazík (Jack Frost). Made in the sovjet union in 1964, based on a russian fairy tale.

While Ivan searches for Nastya, he comes across Baba Yaga, She lives in an enchanted forrest, in a house on chicken legs.

While there are more (russian) movies with houses on chicken legs and Baba Yaga, there are only a few photograph of that house. And most of them are unsharp screen prints from the movie.

Nevertheless, we thought it would look nice to have a house like that in our garden. So again, by guessing the size of the actors, we did some calculations.

First we made some wooden logs from xps styrodur foam. And collected some fiber from our drying machine…

Some dried real branches from bushes in our garden are uesd as treetrunks in the house.

It was recognized instantly by our employees, so we count that as a win.

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