Princezna ze mlejna

The Watermill Princess

In 1994 the famous czech film director Zdeněk Troška made the fairytale movie ‘Princezna ze mlejna‘. In 2000 he made a follow up with ‘Princezna ze mlejna 2’.

Both of the movies where made in the South Bohemian district with the many forrests ad lakes. As for the building, the watermill, they opted to build one specially for the movie. With typical South Bohemian barok style front, but a-typical positioning of the mill itself to accomodate for the camera-view.

Unfortunally the whole building was demolished after the filmming was completed!

the watermill

So, in order to recreate this in a model for our park, we had to make some gueses about size and positions here. We copied all available photo’s from the internet and had a very close look at the movie itself.

From the above photo we hopedthat if the ‘mlynář’, the miller, would be about 180 cm tall, we could calculate the proportions of the building.

Obviously there are some mistakes made, but we are pleased with the results so far;

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