The first miniature house

To have an idea in your head and realizing that in real life can be fustrating. Internet to the rescue!

The amount of inspirational creative websites and educational films on youtube is endless. Of course, there is no website of youtube film that will show you how to build a miniature park. But there is information to be found that can be usefull.

First of all; the most usefull for me where the channels about tabletop wargaming. We will have to make a thank you-list of all youtubes that have helped making some decissions on materials and techniques we are using now.

As it turns out, many of the techniques used for tabletop wargaming can also be used for outside diorama’s in a miniature park. Or so we think.

Proxxon Thermocut

Nothing comes for free, so the first investment is Proxxon foam cutter. (easy to say now, that saved already many hours of handwork and fustration!)

Second, some sheets of Styrodur. Not so easy to get in this area. Nearest possibility at this moment is the UniHobby store (OBI) in Ceske Budejovice. And this type comes with a not so practicle side cover that we want to cut of before use.

2 cm. Styrodur foam

And here we go; the first house build.

Carving in the stones is just done with a pencil.

Making the windows is still a bit of trying-out. Pieces of wood with a piece of transparent plastic behind it.

But the result is acceptable for now.

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