Existing or non-exisisting

Most, if not all, miniature parks in europe have miniature buildings en landmarks that exist in full real life size. Fairy gardens and garden railways mostly have a gothic style fantasy buildings.

We would like to have only non-existing fantasy buildings, but in 1:25 scale, so they all look to belong in this fantasy world. Most fairy tale movies made in the Czech republic are filmed in existing castles, some with little adjustments specially made for the movie. The most famous castles are already copied in the Bohemian miniature park. We don’t want to make a copy of that park, so we are trying to avoid those.

One of them is situated close to us actually. Accidently the most filmed and photographed castle in the Czech Republic; Červená Lhota

Červená Lhota

Okay, we will try to make that one then.

But as for other fairytale’s, no more big real castles please.

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